The Social Media App That Does Not Force You To Think Like Them

Win Back Your Family From Social Media Giants With The TPN App

  • No Tracking: We do not track your families every move in our app!
  • ​No Censorship: Your family is free to be themselves!
  • ​No Big Tech: Don't Let Social Media Giants Force Their Opinions

"TPN came about at just the right time, when we need it most. Let the Freedom Tech Revolution begin!"

- Chris Widener, Founder Politicrossing

After Seeing So Many People Frustrated, We Built TPN...

Say goodbye to tracking, targeting, and censorship. With the TPN app you get access to a true alternative to Facebook™, but WITHOUT being censored for having differing opinions. 

According to a Nov. 4-22, 2021, Washington Post-Schar School poll, 72% said they did not trust Facebook much or at all.

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3 Reasons You Need To Join TPN Today!


Say what you want to say without fear of censorship. Finally a social media platform built for those that value freedom.


Use the app without the fear of data harvesting that is shared with outside vendors. Browse freely and have the peace of mind that your privacy is protected.


We believe our users should be able to say what they want afterall this is a free country.

The New Home For Your Family, Friends, and Business

TPN is the new home for your family, friends, and businesses. With all the features you expect from social media platforms this is the way to protect your rights and freedoms. We look forward to welcoming you soon inside the app!

About Our Founder - Ryan Chamberlin

Ryan Chamberlin is an Author, Speaker, and CEO of the True Patriot Network (TPN)

Ryan is an international best-selling author and regularly gives keynote speeches on leadership, team building, high performance, entrepreneurship, and politics.

In 2016 Ryan was invited to give a TedX talk titled Giving Changes Everything. Click here to view the talk. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE TED TALK NOW

In 2020 Ryan ran for US Congress in the most competitive race in Florida. He refers to himself as a constitutional entrepreneur, and continues to promote Christian American values.

In January of 2021, he co-founded the True Patriot Network which recently launched the social media platform called TPN, a conservative alternative to Facebook.

Visit to connect with and find out more about Ryan.

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